Why I support Clean Water
Dearest Family and Friends,

I have set a goal for myself - I will be running in the Zuirch City Run Sports Event. Of course, I'd love to set a “record”, but this year I have one more goal in mind : to help Children in less developed, far flung communities across Asia and in Africa gain access to clean drinking water.

Did you know that many children in these two continents are forced to walk many kilometres per day just to find water? And the water they do find is often contaminated and makes them sick?

With your contribution, Helvetas can help these people build clean wells and sanitary facilities in their villages.

Thanks to all of you, through this, a number of our “young brothers and sisters” will gain the time and health they need to go to school and take care of their families and themselves.

We can do it, right? Your donations will definitely go a long way! :)

Much Love,

Sigrid Lleva

Clean Water

You can give people access to clean drinking water and change their lives forever.

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Lamille Lincke
2 years ago
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Eva Lyn Baldwin
2 years ago
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Isaiah Lleva
2 years ago
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Noah Lleva
2 years ago