Why I support Clean Water
alongtheearth is a multiple year long bicycle touring expedition around the world, beginning on the 12.01.2019 in Bern, CH. This journey will hopefully take me approx. through 50+ countries on 5 continents.

It’s not only a dream of mine to see, experience and learn as much as possible and really get to know our planet, it’s also my motivation to make a contribution and give something back to the world and the people who are in need for help.

This fundraiser supports Helvetas and their exemplary engagement concerning water projects in Asia, Afrika or South America (see below).
I am grateful for every donation, even the smallest amounts and I'm sure together we can make a move! If you consider to upgrade to a superhero by becoming a km-donnor, visit www.alongtheearth.com/charity

Clean Water

You can give people access to clean drinking water and change their lives forever.

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Chawee Boonprasert
«Leider hesch dini ziele nid wie geplant chönne düreführe. Dfür gseh mir üs bald wiedr. 🖖🏾»
2 months ago
CHF 100
Patrick Sidran
«Witer so, isch immer wieder ä Fröid neui Fotis und Gschichte vo dim Abentür zläsä! Witerhin aues guete uf dire Reis.»
6 months ago
CHF 30
Patrick Frauchiger
7 months ago
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Chawee Boonprasert
7 months ago