About Life Changer

«With your support we pursue an ambitious goal: a life in dignity and security for all people.»

Melchior Lengsfeld, Executive Director

About Life Changer

Life Changer is a donation platform set up by Helvetas, the non-profit delevopment organisation anchored in Switzerland. On Life Changer individuals and groups realize their own fundraisers to benefit Helvetas development projects of their choice. Life Changer is very easy to use: it takes only a few clicks to create your own fundraising campaign. You set your own fundraising goal and a target date, then you invite your family and friends via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter to gain their support and achieve your goal together. We cherish a straightforward dialogue so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions whatsoever. Donations can be made by credit card, Postcard, Paypal, SMS or TWINT. The donations go directly to Helvetas and will be devoted solely to the projects you chose to collect them for.

Helvetas at a glance

Helvetas is one of the leading Swiss development organizations and works towards sustainable and real change, based on human rights standards. Together with our partners we advocate for the rights of poor and disadvantaged women and men. To meet the many sources of poverty and inequality we support social, economic and environmental projects. As a politically independent and denominationally neutral association in accordance with Swiss law, we are active in developing, emerging and transition countries to improve the livelihoods of poor and disadvantaged people, the strengthening of local actors as well as the formation of institutional conditions which together facilitate sustainable development.

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