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Only 1 week to go, THX for all the support!
Here some impressions from the Spartacus Run

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Why I support Clean Water
Hi Friends

Do you like to drink water fresh from your tap at home?
Or even better, an ice-cold Evian out of the fridge?
Or feeling fancy and having a sparkling San Pellegrino?

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to clean water that is easily reachable! Most diseases in developing countries are due to contaminated water and insufficient hygiene.

Helvetas tackles the problems above by building fountains in villages and explaining the people on how to maintain them. Helvetas further educates why hygiene is important for healthiness.

Your contribution to this charity is highly appreciated by the people that have to walk a few hours to get (often not fresh) water!

While you can donate from at home, my brother and I will do the work: an 18km run with 20 obstacles (see picture above) =)

Clean Water

You can give people access to clean drinking water and change their lives forever.

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