Update #4
2 years ago

I am sorry I did not give you an update last week, I was doing a lot of stuff.
Last time I wrote here I was kind of depressed but I was also rational enough to see that I should have seen the bright side, and since my change in perspective I am a lot better.
I’m saying this because I realize that last update was a little cry for help and I want to tell you not to worry.
In fact, I am actually great! Today the campaign is going to close, and I unbelievably reached one of my two goals.
I am trying to figure out a sentence that expresses my gratitude different from “thank you a lot”. So I will just say this to you, who followed me, who donated, who trained with me, who bear me talking about this race everyday, who shared my campaign on Facebook, YOU brought drinking water to 7 people in Guatemala. This is the most important thing, but it’s not the only one: you helped me training hard, you pushed me to stay away from tabacco (although I have to admit that during this period I did smoke 3 cigarettes) and you helped me to find a reason to get out of the bed when things were going wrong. So… Thank you a lot.
All that’s left to do now is to run this race!
Unfortunately last Sunday I hurt my knee so I will definitely not beat my personal record, even though, to be honest I wouldn’t be able to do it even if I were in perfect shape.
Still, it is going to be fun and you guys can support me some more during the race: at 8:40 on Sunday I’ll post on Facebook my “Runtastic live track” that allows you to actually cheer me during the run with a click. I will hear cheering on my headphones, that’s pretty nice!

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Why I support Clean Water
Dear people,

My name is Giulia and on the 22nd of April I will run my first race. For that day I have 2 main goals:
- beat my personal record on the 10 km run: 5:24 min/km
- collect 150 CHF to help people in Guatemala who do not have clean water

I would be very glad to you if you could help me with a small donation. You would help people in need and you would give me the motivation to quit smoking cigarettes, training 3 times per week and dieting in order to boost my performances.
I will keep you updated on my progresses, if I skip training or if I smoke a cigarette.

I hope that together we can make a difference, for every 30 CHF we change the life of one person.

Thank you very much,

Clean Water

You can give people access to clean drinking water and change their lives forever.

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