This is how you change lives

Start a fundraising campaign to give children access to clean water and education.

This is how it works

Your own fundraising campaign in three simple steps:

1. Choose your event

Be it your birthday, a sporting challenge or whatever unique idea you can come up with: there are virtually no boundaries to how you can inspire donators with your campaign.

2. Inspire your friends

Who will support your fundraising campaign and turn it into a success? Share your event via e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

3. Collect donations

Turn your friends and acquaintances into enthusiastic donators. Further increase donations by regularly updating them about your campaign.

Your event


Bist du am Reusslauf dabei? Als Helvetas Charity Runner kannst du dabei noch Leben verändern!


Start at the FISHERMAN’S FRIEND StrongmanRun and fundraise for a better future.


Start at the Swissalpine and fundraise for a better future.


You are almost wishlessly happy and don’t really need any birthday presents?


Changes lives with sport! Run for a better future for kids as Helvetas Charity Runner.

Swiss Womens Race

Start at the Swiss Womens Race and fundraise for a better future.

SOLA Basel

Start at the SOLA Basel and fundraise for a better future!

Zürich Marathon

Start at the Zurich Marathon and fundraise for a better future!

SOLA Zürich

Start at the SOLA Stafette and fundraise for a better future!


Verändere Leben mit deiner Reise! Mit deiner Sammelaktion geht's ganz einfach.

Get inspired

Great examples of successful fundraising campaigns that have supported us in the past.

These are the projects you can rally for: